FASTBRACES® is comprehensive orthodontics, just like traditional braces and not short-term cosmetic orthodontics. It is an alternative to conventional treatments and utilizes doctor-prescribed treatment plans to address "bad bites” or malocclusions, such as overbites, underbites, crowding/crooked teeth, spacing/gaps, open bite and crossbites. 

Recently, FASTBRACES® has been getting attention because of the way it delivers beautiful results, even in about 100 days. Some doctors ask how it is possible for FASTBRACES® to create straight teeth in such a short amount of time. FASTBRACES® uses breakthrough technology designed to cut out the two-step process of traditional braces.

With traditional old-school braces, the first year is spent pulling the crowns of the teeth into position and the roots of the teeth are moved into place during the second year. FASTBRACES® technology allows the process of straightening the roots to an upright position from day one by using patented braces, a patented method for restoring alveolar bone, and a patented method for treating orthodontitis of the gums (gingivitis from crooked teeth). The FASTBRACES® patented technology enables dentist providers to grow alveolar bone in order to straighten teeth quickly and avoid tooth extraction or sometimes even jaw surgery.



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